"Botox? I do not need Botox after using SARAHI "

I've only been using them for a few days and my skin is seriously glowing! I didn't think that something could make a difference in such a short time. I was contemplating having botox, but after trying your products I will not be needing that :-) Thanks for creating such a wonderful product, I love it. 



From Eva K (Age 40+) 

Melbourne Australia

"I GLOW! like I am in my 20's again"

I am in cosmetics business in my 60's. I try a lot of different products. As you age your skin losses the natural radiance of young skin. Sarahi "PASSION for face serum" has given that back to me. I use it under my foundation and in the evening before bed. I knew it was not my imagination, when I walked into my office on a Monday, my assistance said " WoW! What did you do? Your skin looks great". Looking forward to trying other products by Sarahi. Highly recommend this natural based serum

From Joanna P (Age 60 + )

United States of America


"SARAHI Skin Care Products are the best skin care products  I ever used"

First of all, it contains organic ingredients only so  it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all and prevent aging skin by keeping my face moisturised all day. Based on the top quality organic based skin care products, I recommend SARAHI brand to my friends and family members with complete confidence.


Because of the top quality of products which my face likes the best, I use SARAHI Skin care products   only and quit buying other expensive cosmetics, I save money as well. Overall this SARAHI brand deserves  overall top rating,  5 out 5. 

From Lea A  (Age 70+)

Seattle, United States of America  



"My skin becoming healthier, smoother and flawless"

 My skin is very sensitive and easily gets redness if the cosmetics don’t agree with me. When I was in Korea, I had to go to a facial therapist every week and had to use only their products which had already proven to be ok for my skin through a few massage sessions.Since I came to Australia 6 years ago, I had a hard time to find perfect cosmetic products before I happened to know Sarahi.

With first trial of day cream and night cream, I was pleasantly surprised.  It did not give me any trouble at all and what was more amazing is that I could tell even with one usage, it make my skin a bit clear and transparent.

Now I have been using those for a couple of months, my skin has been becoming more healthy and more smooth.  I can see the improvement every day that my skin is becoming gradually flawless.

I am already a big fan of Sarahi and I am lucky to know Sarahi.  Otherwise I will still wander around to find out some cosmetics in shopping centres.

What I like the most about Sarahi is that it is ORGANIC and free from nasty chemicals which I believe is the reason why it gives NO trouble at all for my skin.

From Sienna Y (Age 40+)
Nothing Hill, Melbourne, Australia


"The whole Sarahi Skin Care products are just amazing!

 Each product uses different natural ingredients and I love the aroma that comes out of each.
 I have been using the latest ranges now for at least 12 months and find the products so wonderful on my sensitive skin.
 Love the facial Bliss, all in one facial cleanser, it is so smooth and the smell is so delightful that it tempts me to give my face
  a good massage every time I cleanse my face, leaving my skin clean,
refreshed and healthy.

 I find the passion for Eye Serum incredible.
 It is like a liquid gold and definately improves my baggy eyes.

 Overall my skin condition has much improved and I couldn't be happier.
 Highly recommend to those who are looking for a great natural skin care range with serious anti-aging results".

From Catherine (Age 60+) 
Toorak, Melbourne, Australia



"After using Sarahi, my skin feels so soft and smooth.
The products are so natural and I love the natural fragrance.
 I highly recommend Sarahi to you, You must try and feel the difference!

From Louisa  (Age 50+)
Toorak, Melbourne, Australia



"With Sarahi, my skin feels and looks smoother and more plump and also brighter.
I am an older woman of 72 years of age. I have been using Sarahi Products for about two years now.
Just recently I ran out of Sarahi Product when I was overseas.
So bought what I thought was a comparable Australian product in Duty Free. 
This made me realise how really excellent Sarahi porduct is and I couldn't wait to order more when I got home.
I do not use make-up so it is very important that my skin always looks good, even at my age,
or perhaps it is more important at my age".

From Irene  (Age 70+)
Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, Australia




"I am in love with this product.
I started using Sarahi Skin Care Products since May 2015.
It makes my skin so refreshed and soft with Facial Bliss, the all in one cleanser. 
I am using the face serum every day in the morning and at night.
My skin has improved greatly.
I also love Passion for Eye Serum and Angel Kiss, the Anti-wrinkle eye cream.

From Jenny (Age 40+)
East Melbourne, Melbourne Australia


"I have been using the range of Sarahi Products for about 6 months now and I feel blessed to have
found these products.
From the first I applied the cleanser and followig through the serums, I noticed immediately how soft my skin has become. Most remarkably for me was waking up in the morning to soft
and hydrated skin."
whereas before I used to have such dry skin in the mornings.
I was so excited about Sarahi skin care products
that I also bought my teenage daughter who suffers from acne.
She too was amazed at how her skin was cleared up whilst also remain hydrated.
Now my daughter is also enjoying the range.  I am passionate about not having nasy chemicals in my skin.
So I was happy when I found that Sarahi products pride themselves using only clean and fresh natural ingredietns 
without the need for the "Nasties".

From the first moment I open any of Sarahi products, I noticed how the beautiful fragrances
from the pure essential oils smelt like "Heaven".
The Scents when experienced, just makes you feel they are exactly what the skin ordered.
Thank you Jacqueline and thank you Sarahi for such wonderful products.

From Michelle (Age 40+)
Brighton, Melbourne Australia



"This is my favourate face serum ever used!
I have been using the Sarahi, Passion for face serum and it is a great product.
I can feel my skin is hydrated and smooth immediately after I applied the serum
and it gives my face a radiant glow!."

From Bo Yeon (Age 30+)
Wheelers Hill, Melbourne Australia